11h20 - 12h00

Salle Maxi

The place of Woman & Man in the society of tomorrow

We live in a wonderful time of transition, heralding an era where reality will far exceed our dreams and imaginations.
Our state of being on earth can expect to undergo a number of changes: our relationship with physical reality and time (VR/AR), our relationships with others and ourselves Data/IA), and our relation to life itself (transhumanism)
In between augmentation (both of reality and intelligence) and abandonment (of self and free will), what does the future hold for humanity in the face of an increasingly technological society? Above all, will we collectively choose a singularity (together or separately) or leave it to others to decide?
In conclusion of this vertical theme, Cyrille Chaudoit will bring speakers together for a collegiate discussion with “blue sky thinking” on what the future holds for humanity.