Tech2day is the ultimate event for technophile communities in Nantes in the run-up to summer. With conferences, keynotes, and workshops, we offer a number of highlights aimed at developers, designers, and systems integrators at all levels during the Web2day event, allowing you to exchange ideas on upcoming tech trends.

Because businesses cannot develop and grow without the support and expertise of a technical team, we think that it’s important to mix the worlds of business and tech, with inspirational highlights and exchanges.

Organised with the help and expertise of many different Nantes-based communities and entrepreneurs, this track will be broken down into two main categories: tech (development, data, IoT, methodology, etc.), design (data visualisation, user experience, UI…)

Beyond different languages and technologies, this track offers a panoramic view of transformations that are still to come, detailing innovations and talking about ways to add value by pushing the boundaries of technology: Open Source, Elastic Search, Distributed Systems, Big Data, User Experience, Growth Hacking… and so many more!

Top speakers

Daniel Glazman
CEO @Disruptive Innovations
Ray Tsang
Technology Architect @Google
Julien Lemoine
CTO @Algolia
Deepak Solanki
CEO @Velmenni
Steve Klabnik
Community Team Lead @Rust core team
Audrey Neveu
Developer Relations
Raphaël Yharrassarry
‎Lead UX Designer senior @‎iErgo
Michael Flarup Jensen
Founder @Robocat

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