Content & Services for Millennials by Orange

Developing new attractive services for millennials in the digital entertainment field

Enrich our content portfolio in the following areas : TV channels, video services, mobile & cloud gaming, music streaming, Augmented Reality and/or Virtual Reality, for example by:

  • Enhancing user experience and satisfaction (e.g. video processing, HD sound, voice control)
  • Using behavioral analysis to improve targeting for marketing (improve transformation rate) or economic purposes (programmatic ads)
  • Solving the low willingness to pay
  • Social experience using VR
  • Tools for the production of content VR, AR,etc.
  • PubTV personalized by spectator (programmatic pubTv)
  • Gaming & eSports services
  • In addition: services in B2B uses of VR / AR / MR solutions

The reward for the winning startup will be a place the Saturday in Vivatech

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They are taking part in the Global Challenge's board / Content & Services for Millenials

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