The Fullsix France Group is one of France’s largest digital service providers.
A subsidiary of the Havas Group, it is made up of Fullsix Paris, Fullsix Search, and Fullsix Media.
Fullsix has provided support to major brands’ digital transformation strategies since 1998. The group is about to enter its third decade, making it a true “digital native.” Today, it continues to grow by focusing on the convergence of creativity and data.
Fullsix France is also a full-service, integrated group that supports top brands with its multi-discipline offering at the heart of its range of services, covering Communications & Branding / Data Science / Digital Performance / Social Media / Online and Offline Media / Search / CRM / Retail.
Innovation is embedded in the group’s DNA: it is fundamental to the business and marketing issues that the group addresses. The group demonstrates this on a daily basis, adopting an innovative approach as it supports its branded clients (see our Philosophy). Its Innovation Lab, made up of a multi-disciplinary team, combines a plurality of approaches to put data to work in the service of innovation.
With an international presence, the Fullsix network extends to seven countries, with offices in Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, New York and Vietnam, with a total of just over 700 employees.