15h40 - 16h10

Insula II

Node.js everywhere

Since it first appeared in 2009, Node.js has made slow but steady progress, to the extent that it had conquered the world of large “enterprise” sites by 2014, and that it is now an essential coponent. Node.js is the backbone to almost the entire Fortune 500 and many large online services – but it goes beyond that. It’s also at the heart of the revolution in web frontend practices, and at the heart of the revolution in multi-platform apps for desktop, mobile, consoles, robotics, aerospace, and the IoT.

Node.js is also the fastest growing ecosystem and community, and has been for several years in a row, with breathtaking figures.

The  aim of this presentation is to wake up those for whom Node.js is not firmly on their technical radar, and expanding the horizons of those whose focus is elsewhere – which is often limited to “web + npm.”

Always bet on JS.