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Insula II

Logging-driven development – logs are not just logs

Fact 1: ` logger.debug(“”squeak””) ;`

Who’s never written something like that?

No one, or at least you’re in some truly interesting company 🙂

Logs are part of *EVERY* app development process. Very often, however, it’s done by instinct, which is normal, as very few teams codify this approach.

After all, why not spend a few minutes structuring your logging function as you would with any other feature? However, here we are, making it an element of our architecture.

* Our apps already have plenty of things to tell us, and lots is already recorded in the logs.

* Logs are everywhere, from browsers to data stores, relentlessly tracking errors, queries, response times, and user actions…

* Creating links between every module and stack micro-services

* With a more structured approach, logs will change your product vision.

And, above all, it’s super-simple 🙂

A bit of feedback on patterns and anti-patterns that work.