17h30 - 17h50

Insula II

The evolution of A/B tests towards AI

How artificial intelligence will revolutionize A/B testing practices and personalization of websites, mobiles and apps: (marketers, you’ll love it!) The practice of A/B testing is currently common on the web. It involves dividing the traffic of a website to direct it to different versions. Their performances are then measured to identify the most effective version. It’s a basic principle, to which a lot of refinements have been added. Whether it’s the statistics used to compare performance, or the segmentation of visitors to better personalize the user experience … Or even its scope, which now extends to ‘bots’, conversational Artificial Intelligence, and even connected objects. In short, the A/B test has evolved a great deal. Do you want to find out the latest developments, and see what big players on the web like Cdiscount, Carrefour, Voyages-SNCF or ShowroomPriv√© are testing? Come and see this presentation from AB TASTY to discover what’s to come!