09h10 - 09h50

Insula I

Laravel and Vue : a simple, effective stack for the web

A happy developer produces better code. Laraval and Vue understand this concept and we offer elegant, expressive and easy to grasp APIs. They allow us to build web apps in no time at all.

Laravel is a framework that has been embedded in the PHP ecosystem for the last five years, created to make it possible to build REST APIs very quickly. It also incorporates an entire toolkit to make developers’ routine tasks easier.

Vue js is a light, high-performance, component-oriented framework which is quickly gaining popularity in the JavaScript ecosystem. The many features that the framework offers “out of the box” makes it possible to concentrate on what you want to create, rather than how to create it.

By live coding a small app to allow you to save your favourite gifs, we’ll present the synergy that exists between the two frameworks.