10h50 - 11h30

Insula II

Inside SoUse

During this presentations, we will be explaining how embedded programs worked in the Russian Soyuz space capsules… or perhaps not 🙂  More seriously, Matthieu, Guillaume and Sébastien have been working for SoUse, a startup which acts a service aggregator for the sharing economy, for the last year. This is our opportunity to share our specific experiences about the project’s wins and failures.

* Agility according to  SoUse

* SPA and SEO

* Chatbot mode

* Our multi-tenant architecture

* Remote working

* Integrating APIs on a daily basis

* Management of a genuine Feature Team (or “how to work with a graphic designer and a web integrator”)

* Market positioning for mobile apps

* DevOps

* Moving from Java to Scala

* React at Scale

And, undoubtedly, new adventures between the time of writing and June, when Web2Day takes place!

SoUse is supported by the MAIF Mutual Assurance Company, a major player in the collaborative economy, particularly via its MAIF Avenir (Future) Investment Fund.