17h50 - 18h40

Salle Micro

INNOVATION – Think differently, act differently, and turning potential into reality

What do major innovators do to see what no one else has seen and anticipate what everyone will want? How do we unleash the spark of innovation? What positions should we adopt to transform our vision and build new opportunities to innovate?
From Jeff Bezos (Amazon) to James Dyson (Dyson), via Elon Musk (Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX), discover how innovation can be accessed by all and how you can activate it so that it works for you, in your teams, and all around you.

And, if you’re wondering what links movies like Back to the Future, Dead Poets’ Society and The Name of the Rose with characters including the stars of Friends, the Hunger Games, McGyver and the French comedy actor, Louis de Funès, this conference will give you some… innovative ways to answer.