14h00 - 14h40

Salle Micro

Feelings matter – Before, during and after

The relationship that you maintain with your customers is built on many different points contact in the physical and virtual worlds. The events that customers experience in those worlds may generate irritation or delight. As such, the customer experience at the heart of the sales and marketing journey. As such, the effort used to generate a single sale could be optimised to develop three more, by capturing those customers who should buy, yet do not; generating recurrent sales to existing customers, and by creating qualified references. In addition to data analysis, adopt a more anthropologically driven approach to understand your customers’ natural emotions and behaviour patterns. Identify the reasons that connect you to your customers, and the way a wow effect is generated in a coherent and integrated manner.
Using examples from the web and the physical world, Isabelle will demonstrate how businesses maximise some contact points to develop their customers’ emotions and convert them into committed buyers.
Those who were there last year will recall Isabelle’s presentation, when she brought along shoe boxes, biscuit packaging and children’s books. ( This conference is a the next logical step: Isabelle will remain in the same realm, examining the strategic machinery and techniques to advocate in even more detail.