11h40 - 12h20

Insula I

Dev meets Ops, 1 year on

Highly resilient AWS infrastructure, blue-green architecture, fully automated deployment, decoupled Symfony application and microservices managed by an API Manager: we had all the tools needed to form a high-performance DevOps team. However, we were missing one essential ingredient: practical experience, which enabled us to improve our collaborative working practices significantly.

That’s why we, Shai (ops) and Aurore (dev) wanted to give you our feedback after a year of project work that concluded in the launch of a new web platform for Tarkett, the world’s leading floor covering provider. With specific examples, you’ll learn more about our good ideas, both technically and organisationally, as well as about the mistakes that we made. Most importantly, you’ll learn how we fixed those mistakes and how you can avoid them.