17h30 - 18h40

Salle Micro

A short, immersive cyberpunk history of cyber culture

This short journey into the virtual world of the NøøMuseum will address the evolution of the cyberpunk cultural thread, a precursor to hackers and builders, from transhumanism to the singularity. I will address Art from a cybernetic perspective as being the highest level on which humanity processes information, the concept of the meme by Richard Dawkins and NooSphere and in the work of Teilhard de Chardin. Major myths seen as multi-layered memes and self-fulfilling prophecies with a high degree of viral penetration, such as the myth of the life-saving ark and artificial creatures. Immersive hyper-realism since the dawn of humanity, via the painting of Ménines de Velasquez, the aristopunk that serves as a precursor to the Star Trek Holodeck, leading me to the concept of a cyber aristocracy and the cyber-domesticity of the  future. Macluhan’s concept of a tool as an amplifier of physical and cognitive functions, and his idea of Narcissistic Narcosis, not to be confused with addiction to digital tools, and AI seen as tools to amplify rational analysis.