10h00 - 10h40

Insula I

Crafting in OPS

Today, it’s possible to use code to create an IS from scratch. The maturity of infrastructure tooling means that we can import practices that originated in the software development field. In addition, the needs of infrastructure users (a.k.a. devs) have led us to rethink traditional infrastructure services such as monitoring or backup and switch them to “as a service” mode.

Or, as everyone knows, dev + service = product.

And what better way could there be to create a product than to use high-quality practices in an agile environment?

We will tell the story of an infrastructure product with its why, its roadmap, its epic highs and lows, and its user stories. We will immerse you into the daily lives of an OPS team with its rituals, routines, and development practices.

We will describe what a continuous OPS integration platform is, and how you can operate continuous infrastructure testing.