15h30 - 17h00

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How do you anchor and promote your brand on the web?

[WORKSHOP] – Nombre de places limité à 50 personnes

You want to impose and promote your brand image on the internet to develop your business.
But is the positioning you have chosen to achieve for your brand the right one? How do you make sure that it is the most relevant, and the most efficient? How do you protect it effectively from your competition? And what is the best rate of growth for outreach?
Although it is sometimes perceived as a ‘free for all’, the web imposes many legal obligations upon you (ownership of the site as regards its designer, legal notices, management of personal data etc.) and exposes you to risks (counterfeiting, AdWords, cybersquatting, typosquatting, slamming, theft and misappropriation of data, etc.) for all of which you must be prepared.
Overcoming these obligations and risks creates a shield for your e-reputation and a weapon for your future development.
A number of specialists will use interactive techniques to show you how to create, cultivate and defend your digital footprint.