18h00 - 18h40

Salle Maxi

How can you act pretend to be startup for a decade?

DoYouBuzz, a pioneer on Nantes’ startup scene, will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in a few weeks. The age of reason? Not at all: the company has never been as much of a “startup” as it is today. In addition, it has just turned around 180 degrees and is completely revising its product offering. The story of DoYouBuzz is the story of a team that has had some successes and more than a few failures. It’s the story of a team with over a million users and more than 20,000 customers, but which has topped out at eight employees and €500k of annual revenue. The company has a “nice to have” service but has not broken through by finding the key to becoming a “must have.” Why? Because DoYouBuzz spent a long time pretending to be a startup, and made a few fundamental mistakes that all entrepreneurs must avoid, no matter what. Come to the conference cession to better understand this authentic story, which is much more “real” than the unicorn success stories that we’ve all heard before.