10h00 - 10h40

Insula II

What is Atomic Design anyway?

It is a component-based design method, which starts from the smallest element of the interface, the atom, to build the whole (including molecules, organisms, templates, and pages).

“The whole will shape the part, the part will shape the whole”

This method came as a genuine revelation for me. It makes it possible to guarantee overall consistency during the design and implementation phases of a project, and to enable teams to work together on common concepts and save time, with a well-oiled production workflow that doesn’t impact the creative perspective. When applied correctly, it assures a successful user experience!

Last year, I had the opportunity to implement this method via a variety of projects and to move from theory to practice.

During the conference, I will tell you everything I’ve learned about Atomic Design and the various solutions that you can apply in practice for your future projects.